Facial Carcinoma (Skin Cancer) Treatment in Foley, AL

Facial Carcinoma Treatment in Daphne and Foley, AL

What is facial carcinoma?

A facial carcinoma, also referred to as basal cell cancer or basal cell carcinoma, is a type of cancer that develops on parts of your skin that get a lot of sun exposure, such as the face. The good news is that this type of facial skin cancer is unlikely to spread from your skin to other parts of your body. However, it can move nearby into bone or other tissues under your outer layer of skin. At ENT Centers of Excellence, Dr. Keith Kowal offers several treatments that can prevent the progression of facial carcinomas and help you get rid of the cancer. Dr. Kowal also specializes in treating all types of head & neck disorders, including oral cancer and neck/throat cancers.

Our ENT practice can treat your facial skin cancer at our convenient locations in Foley and Daphne, AL (15 minutes from Mobile). Learn more below, or request an appointment.

What causes facial carcinomas?

Facial carcinomas are primarily caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun or a tanning bed. Exposure to UV rays damages the DNA in your skin cells over time, which can lead to the formation of skin cancer.

Certain factors may place you at a higher risk for developing facial carcinoma, such as:

  • Having fair skin
  • Long-term exposure to UV rays
  • Use of tanning beds
  • Having experienced one or more blistering sunburns
  • Being exposed to radiation
  • Having a family history of skin cancer
  • Having had basal cell carcinoma before
  • Taking medications that suppress your immune system
  • Having certain genetic diseases

What are the symptoms of a facial carcinoma?

The symptoms of a basal cell carcinoma on the face may include:

  • A small shiny bump on the face (especially the nose)
  • A hard and waxy skin growth
  • A facial bump with visible blood vessels
  • A flat, scaly patch of brown color or flesh tone
  • Unusual bleeding spots that don’t seem to heal

It is important to note that facial carcinoma symptoms will vary from person to person. The best way to ensure that a facial carcinoma is caught in the early stages is to monitor abnormal spots on the face and have them evaluated by a doctor on a regular basis.

How is a facial carcinoma treated?

If facial skin cancer is suspected, Dr. Kowal will order the proper tests necessary to biopsy and diagnose your condition. Dr. Kowal’s treatment services for facial carcinoma include dissection, resection, and traditional surgery. In some cases, Dr. Kowal may be able to perform transoral robotic surgery (TORS), an advanced, minimally invasive surgery to treat your basal cell carcinoma. With TORS, there is less scarring, disfigurement and shorter recovery times.

Dr. Keith Kowal is a highly experienced ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist in Foley and Daphne, AL with expertise in treating facial carcinomas. He is pleased to offer cutting-edge robot-assisted surgery, which may be effective in removing facial cancer with reduced scarring and a faster recovery time. If you have symptoms of a facial carcinoma, the first step is to arrange a consultation at ENT Centers of Excellence. Call 251.943.1117 now to schedule an appointment or simply fill out the form on this page.

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