Is It Possible to Stop Snoring Without Surgery?

Snoring Woman 4.20.18What Causes Snoring?

There are many risk factors for snoring, including certain health concerns or being overweight. However, most cases of snoring are ultimately caused by problems in the airway during sleep. These can be caused by blockages in the sinuses or caused by soft tissues as the body relaxes into a deep sleep state. The latter condition is referred to as obstructive sleep apnea.

Since some of these are only present during sleep, they can be difficult to diagnose. In fact, most people are often unaware of the problem.

Signs You’re a Snorer

Sometimes, people can snore for years without knowing about it. However, snoring is not just a minor inconvenience. It can indicate serious systemic issues that might even put your health in danger.

Unfortunately, signs of snoring are often subtle to the snorer. In fact, many people only find out about it from a bedroom partner and there may be no way of discovering how long it has gone on.

Some symptoms can suggest snoring, however:

  • Sore throat or dryness in the mouth shortly after waking that subsides within two hours
  • Occasional, brief periods of wakefulness in the night caused by “noise” or a lack of air
  • Difficulty “getting enough sleep” even when you know you left sufficient time for rest

If you can’t seem to get enough rest no matter what you do, there is a good chance you are a snorer. This is especially true if you seem to fall asleep right away and don’t “toss and turn” (which can indicate a whole different set of sleep problems unrelated to snoring).

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

The specific procedure most likely to work for you is based on the type of obstruction or other root cause that leads to snoring.

  • Pillar Procedure: During this procedure, specialized mesh implants are inserted into the mouth to stabilize tissue in the soft palate (found at the top of the mouth.) This is an in-office procedure using local anesthesia only.
  • Radio-frequency Ablation of Base of Tongue:For individuals suffering from a blockage caused by the tongue itself, radio-frequency ablation can shrink the volume of the tongue base. Complete results may be seen with just a single visit.

Surgical procedures should only be undertaken if non-surgical alternatives are not expected to give the desired results.


When your snoring is caused by issues that can be resolved with non-surgical techniques, you could see complete elimination of snoring with just one procedure.

Although all medical procedures entail some risk, nonsurgical interventions are generally faster and safer than surgical ones.

Recovery Process of Non-Surgical Options

Most non-surgical snoring treatments can be completed in less than two hours and require only local anesthesia. This means you might experience temporary numbness or mild discomfort, but will not be limited in terms of operating a vehicle or most other activities.

Following the end of a procedure, most local anesthesia will wear off entirely within three hours.

Generally, no special preparation is needed on the patient’s part and no medication is prescribed.

No matter how long you’ve snored, it is easy to achieve relief. To get started, contact ENT Centers of Excellence today.

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