What are the Benefits of a Balloon Sinuplasty for Treating Sinusitis?

Man suffering from sinusitis

The sinuses are small but if they become infected they can cause serious pain and discomfort. Inflammation of a sinus is called Sinusitis. Acute Sinusitis is a sinus infection developed in a few days and lasting a short time. Chronic Sinusitis can last longer than 12 weeks and doesn’t respond to conventional conservative treatment.

Impacts of Untreated Chronic Sinusitis

Is inflammation harming your health? A blocked nose, reduced sense of smell, pain over one or both of the affected sinuses, headache, cough, and facial fullness are a few of the discomforts of sinusitis.

Untreated Chronic sinusitis may also result in:

  • Asthma – Sinus infections affect your breathing and can exacerbate pre-existing breathing conditions such as asthma
  • Traveling Infection – An infection can travel to the brain, eyes, bones, and the bloodstream
  • Ear Infection – Untreated sinus infections can travel to ears seriously impacting hearing
  • Immune System Effects – Your immune system will continually try to fight off infection
  • Resistance to Antibiotics – Timely treatment is key to the effectiveness of treating infection
  • Anosmia – A permanent loss of smell

In rare cases failing to treat this infection can lead to an infection of the bone, meningitis, or a brain abscess.

Treatment Options

There are several treatments for sinusitis that may be effective before considering any type of surgery.

  • Antibiotics (for bacterial sinusitis)
  • Nasal decongestant sprays
  • Allergy medications
  • Topical nasal steroid sprays
  • Nasal saline sprays

When a deviated septum or nasal polyps cause chronic sinusitis, a more in depth treatment will be needed to achieve long term relief. A minimally invasive procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty is an effective choice to solving many cases of sinusitis.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure for treating chronic sinusitis. This treatment opens up blocked or narrow sinus passages – relieving sinus pain and pressure without having to make any cuts or incisions.

Patients who have tried conservative treatments without success make good candidates for Balloon Sinuplasty.

Likened to an angioplasty for the nose, Balloon Sinuplasty uses tiny balloons to open sinus blockages in four steps:

1. A mini balloon catheter is inserted through the nostril into the sinus

2. The mini balloon is slowly inflated to expand the sinus opening

3. Built up pus and mucus is flushed out by a saline solution that is sprayed into the sinus cavity

4. The balloon is deflated and removed. The sinus passage is left open and is able to drain properly

Advantages of Balloon Sinuplasty:

  • Minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in-office
  • Clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment
  • No cutting
  • Quick recovery time
  • Can be grouped together with other medical therapies
  • No limitations on future treatment options
  • Gives you freedom from sinusitis symptoms

Dr. Keith Kowal at ENT Centers of Excellence is the only ENT physician in Baldwin County who offers Balloon Sinuplasty in-office. He also performs it as an outpatient procedure if preferred. Most patients go home the same day and experience only minor discomfort during recovery. Schedule an appointment today.

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